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Silver suspensions are quickly gaining popularity due to their well-known health benefits such as enhanced wound healing and protection from various infections. Magic 10 Marketing has developed a crystalized form of Nanosilver made up of silver particles that are highly pure and 40-100 nanometers, which is a very small particle size. More importantly, particles of this size are so small and pure that they evaporate when suspended in liquid and completely avoid the need of having to first pass through the intestines to be digested before entering the bloodstream. Consuming a silver suspension of this purity also means that you will not consume any harmful toxins along with this supplement. In addition, this nanosilver supplement is tasteless, won’t upset the stomach, and would not even sting a baby’s eyes.

Silver has antibacterial properties and this means that it has the ability to deactivate bacterial enzymes that typically allow them to rapidly multiply, thereby dramatically reducing their numbers; but did you know that the type of silver supplement you take is the key to actually experiencing positive outcomes? Clinical research suggests that very small silver particles are optimal because they become evenly distributed in liquid and once the suspension is consumed, the silver particles can begin to circulate throughout the entire body and be used immediately by cells or organs that need them the most. Particles that are nano-sized can also cross the blood-brain barrier, thereby allowing them to help the immune system prevent bacterial infections all over the body, including the brain.

Other marketed forms of silver suspensions are often made up of impure particles that are much too large to dissolve in liquid. Furthermore, people who consume this form of silver in extremely large amounts for extended periods of time may develop a blue skin tone, which is the result of the toxic accumulation of unpurified silver particles in the body. These types of side effects DO NOT develop when Magic 10’s crystalline Nanosilver is taken as directed. All you have to do is enjoy the wonderful health benefits!

Truly merits its own category and spotlight outside of other silver products, with a completely different process from Colloidal or Ionic Silvers.

Silver is approved for use and historically supported in treating skin afflictions, acne, eczema, warts, colds, flu, bacterial/viral/fungal infections, diabetic infections, pinkeye, parasites, boosting immunity and so much more.

Nano-technology engineered by specialist with past experience in NASA technologies – a government body that even today uses silver for sterilization.

Smaller silver particles than ever before make it stand apart - tested as 50 PPM (parts per million) in purity compared to other products (20 PPM or lower).

Lab tested as one of the highest levels of purity, a level other silver products have never reached due to presences of other trace metallic elements like nickel or tin (thus surpassing previously unprecedented 99% silver purity levels).

Purity tested only in small 5 gallon batches at a time, to ensure 50 PPM purity. Minute silver nano-particles make for immediate absorption into the bloodstream, even straight past the blood-brain barrier. Does not even have to make it to digestive system, with quick intake through the mouth and skin.

Superiorly pure to other silver products, less “dirty,” and completely non-metallic, thus avoiding common silver side effects such as argyria (typically caused by larger silver particles that stay in body’s system longer).

No side effects whatsoever, except only possible rare instances of diarrhea from over-use due to complete elimination of digestive bacteria. Crystalline Nano Silver can easily be dubbed the safest silver product to be available on the market today.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Magic 10 Silver like Ionic or Colloidal Silver?

Our truly special innovation demanding its own category, Crystalline Nano Silver is soon to become a fresh breakthrough in silver products themselves, pushing the frontiers of silver science and medicine today.

Silver products have been mainstream-accepted, with the FDA recently approving medications containing silver for topical burns and infection-prone afflictions. However, Crystalline Nano Silver and our one-of-a-kind, creation process will soon be in the lead as the #1 approved silver product for health and wellness.

With our unrivaled, completely unique technology for creating the purest silver solution available on the market, Colloidal and Ionic Silvers will soon take the backseat—making Nano Silver the highest quality example of what silver can accomplish in modern health today.

As a bacteria, virus, and fungus-fighting element, silver holds no history of creating antibiotic resistance—making it a complicit candidate for similar use to antibiotics.

Like Colloidal Silver and Ionic Silver products, Crystalline Nano Silver is similarly composed of electrically-charged, complete silver molecules suspended in a water solution. But we craft it differently: using advanced technology to procure an unparalleled, pristine crystalline state, with smaller and cleaner particles.

Can Magic 10 Silver cause your skin to turn blue?

In the past, some people have consumed extremely large amounts of impure silver for extended periods of time and this resulted in a condition that causes the skin to have a blue tone; but when taken as directed and in the pure crystalline nano-particle form, no side effects develop. Therefore, the purity and size of this crystalline nanosilver supplement make it an optimal choice for a dietary supplement the body can absorb and use right away. The health benefits of this purified form of silver include its antibacterial properties and its ability to enhance wound healing.