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Ed Collignon

I have been using various formulations of silver for about 10 years, most recently ionic silver 20 ppm. I use silver for many reasons but more importantly for COPD. For years I have had nasal polyps which caused breathing problems and sinus infections, which I usually had to take antibiotics for relief. I received my first shipment of Magic 10 Silver the other day and I immediately sniffed a few drops into my nose than swallowed a teaspoon internally. Within a few minutes I had excellent relief in my breathing and it lasted the rest of the day and into the next morning. I would have never believed that there could be that much of a difference between silver formulations but there certainly is. Magic 10 silver has given me the relief I have looked for. In the future I am sure it will help other issues. I take it every day just like I would take a multi-vitamin.

~ Ed Collignon ~

Stuart, Florida, USA

The very same day (TUE-02FEB2016) I received my MAGIC 10 SILVER, I ingested the 1st dosis of half a teaspoon before going to bed.
Since past few months, I lost my smelling faculty & upon reading the testimonial of Mr. Ed Collignon - Stuart (placed on our website), I too decided the same (sniff) like him & VOILA!!! In JUST a few seconds after having sniffed MAGIC 10 SILVER, I retrieved my smelling faculty!!! OMG! Sounds like a miracle?! But this is the real FACT!
Remember, your HEALTH is your ONLY real WEALTH!!
If you are healthy, you shall cherish even bread with onions but if with just a normal headache, even a lavish banquet wouldn't cheer you!
I sincerely invite YOU too, to TRY this marvellous product & invite all whom you know as well. Earn TRIPLE benefits! HEALTH - POCKET -BLESSINGS!! You JUST cannot go wrong!

~ Pritam Tewaney ~


I had an ongoing "cold" since right before New Years Eve (2015 into 2016). I lost my voice a couple of times; each time when my voice came back I thought I was finally getting better.
Five days before I received my Magic10, I developed a hacking cough which was getting progressively worse; I have several witnesses to this. I thought I was going to have to go to a doctor because with every cough my chest was hurting - this grandma never had that experience before.
When I received my Magic10 on January 25, I took one teaspoon diluting it in about an oz of water - I later found out that you didn't have to dilute the product. The next morning I was still coughing, but there was NO Chest Pain and much less congestion so I was feeling better. The cough continued for a few days, but I am now totally well.
This is an amazing product that everyone should have and use.

~ Jennifer Nadler~

New Jersey, USA

The weather change from Chiangmai to Pattaya has been drastic. The former has been very cold but the latter very hot resulting in me having bad flu and painful sore throat because of tonsillitis. Upon my returned from Pattaya to Chiangmai, I received the Magic 10 Crystalline Nano Silver product. Immediately, I consumed 2-3 caps full. I had good and sound sleep. The next morning the pain in my throat has been reduced and less sputum. I also sprayed into my eyes and face resulting from clear eye sight and my face skin texture became soft. Maybe I will look young again!


Chiangmai, Thailand

Phill Harris has seen a drop in his sugar level he use to take fast active insulin and has decreased his slow active and is a type 2 and that with only taking teaspoon a day for 3 week so that really cool.

~ Sue Harris ~

Vienna, Maine, USA

My son-in-law got a metal sliver in his index finger from a sheet rock screw over a month ago. It was badly infected and the sliver was taken out about 2 weeks ago. It was still badly infected and he had a puss filled cyst about the size of a pea on his finger. Last night he dabbed some Magic 10 Silver on it, covered it with a band-aid, and this morning the cyst was already half the size it was last night and a lot less sensitive.

~ Rod Licari ~

Minnesota, USA

Out of the 6 Magic10-Silver bottles ORDERED before January 13th 2016 in my name &5 of my family members name, I received the 1st bottle on February 15th 2016
My 18 year old daughter had dry cough, once the cough started it used to continue for 1 to 2 hours, so, I asked her to try this Magic10-Silver on her, which she refused to try.
I had cold all the 365 days in a year and mostly my nose used to run during the day & used to block in the night, so I thought of trying this on me itself and started to take 2.5 ml per day in the night before going to bed, so, from February 15th 2016 I started to take and I enjoyed getting good sleep without any nose block, so I continued to take this every night, on 20th February 2016 morning my daughter again got the attack of dry cough, so I gave her 5 ml of Magic10-Silver and in no time the cough stopped and she never got the cough again for that day, in the night I again gave her 2.5 ml & today morning (21st February 2016) again gave 2.5 ml
So, I feel, this is an amazing product which every one should take and make your.



My 16 years old son KABIR PRITAM TEWANEY MENCOMO since more than 12 months has been suffering from chronic acne (Pimples) due to adolscency growth period. We have been spending money every month on visits to the Dermatologist + all prescribed medications which have helped hardly & temporarily!!
Upon viewing my friend Wendy's testimonial my son got interested & started applying MAGIC 10 SILVER thrice a day as well as consuming half a teaspoon since past 2 days & in 2 hours after the very 1st application 50% improvement in the face skin could be visibly noted!!
Attached is the Before & After (just 2 days) pictures depicting the change & progress!!
I invite YOU too, to use MAGIC 10 SILVER as its really magical & see for yourself what wonders it does in your organism & if you are healthy then this shall help you CONTINUE staying healthier!!
With best wishes



As a kidney transplant patient I have to take immune depressant medications. I have to take these medications for the rest of my life or would be at risk of kidney failure. Of course the risk for me getting sick go up big time. So kind of darn if I do and darn if I don't! It has now been 11 1/2 years since the transplant and the last time I got sick was 9 years ago. I caught the flu and was hospitalized. I was lucky and did get well pretty fast. It was right after this that I was introduced a Silver product. I started using this product faithfully over the last nine years! I'm not allowed to make any claims but I will say that I have not had one sick day in nine years. In the last two weeks of using Magic 10 I had another problem go away. I have been caring a virus for many years that caused me to break out in sores at least every 10 days or so. I have been on a medication for several years. To my surprise after starting on the Magic 10 I have not had one break out. I will never stop taking this product. I think that every house hold in the world should have this product in their home!

~ Richard Trotter ~

Kuna, Idaho, USA

I was suffering from a dry cough followed by headaches I was trying to heal in vain, when I was traveling to Burkina Faso I had the idea of ​procuring the Ionic Silver Magic10 at the office and to use it as exclusive treatment. So I took it orally, put it in my nostrils and ears. After just 48 hours of use my troubles were gone and I felt again in Olympic form. Magic10 Ionic Silver It is a great product. Thank you


Lomé, TOGO